Just in Store: Crepe Juliett collections just  added in  2013!  Palm Beach, Dark Flower and Congo  Collections recently arrived and are now in the store.   Announcing that Scarlet Splash, Little People & Peacock Blue just had new items added to the store.


Preview WE BE BOP lines recently added to our store..


Palm Beach COLLECTION:   Fresh Challis collection that signal winter is ending.    Tunic, Shell top and Skirt make this great for special occasions.  Includes tasteful beadwork to make  this an exciting  new collection.


Dark Flower & Congo Groups:

Each collection has Tunic & Camp Shirt Tops, Swing Top, Big Shirt, Caftan Top & Caftan Dress gives a fresh look for those special occasions.  (Looks great with black or white pants.)


Northern Lights Collection:

Fresh Crinkle collection that matches the Aurora Borealis Night Sky Colors.    Tunic & Camp Shirt go with tank dress or tier skirt.  Includes shell top and swing top to make  this an exciting collection.


Tunic Specials:

Twelve Beautiful Tunic provides mix-n-match items with black in this lovely collection.

The 2013 season herolds an exciting time of color and style in the new WE BE BOP collections.


Here’s new collections that have recently been released for inclusion in our fall wardrobes.

Recent Releases!

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 Northern Lights Group

Aurora Borealis

Northern sky light show!

Crepe Juliett Group


Palm Beach Group

Please note:  Any of these items can be put on Lay A Way.  They are in the store now.

Congo Group